Managed IT Services

24x7 IT Helpdesk

Peace of mind. It’s what we all want when running our business. We give you that with our 24×7 Helpdesk. Need real-support in real-time? We are here for you.

On-site Support

Hey, things happen. Hardware breaks or a user simply needs the re-assurance of someone being onsite to resolve an issue. We’ve got you covered with local staff ready to support you.

Cloud Productivity Solutions

Is it C for Cloud or Confusion? Moving over to the Cloud, be it in a public, private or hybrid environment should not be confusing or frustrating. Let us help you plan and implement the best strategy for your business.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Do you have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan? If not, oh no! It’s ok though, we can do this in our sleep. Now you can go to sleep knowing your backups are running seamlessly and you can still run the business in case of a disaster.

Microsoft 365 Management (Office 365) & On-Premise Exchange

Adding or deleting users, distribution lists, recovering lost e-mail, managing mailbox size, you name it. If it is in the cloud or on-premise, we will manage your e-mail environment for you. We will make sure it is backed-up and most important, secure. Need it moved or upgraded? No problem.

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Our NOC pro-actively manages and monitors your network so that if issues pop-up they can be addressed in real-time. Most issues, if they occur, are resolved with minimal if any interruptions to your work day.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

Are you being attacked? Is someone trying to get to your important files or take down your network? Our SOC pro-actively manages security threats. We mitigate them so you never have to think about them.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is no longer just monitoring with live personnel. We implement hardware and software along with our security personnel to ensure most, if not all, risks are averted at the most granular level. We also educate the end-user on best practices.

Patch Management

We pro-actively manage all related patches, software and firmware updates, virus definitions, and anything else related to ensure your whole IT environment is always protected and up-to-date.

Third Party Application Management

Most businesses use specialized software locally or in the cloud. When something goes wrong or an update is needed, we work with your vendors to ensure the proper functionality of these mission critical products.

Vendor Management

Phone system, fiber, cable, or last mile bandwidth company have you scratching your head when something goes wrong? We manage the relationship and get things back to normal so you don’t have to. One less thing to worry about.